Frequently Asked Questions


  • - Anyone who is allowed to drive a standard motorized 50cc scooter (in most countries from 16 years of age).
  • - Due to the high driving comfort with two front wheels iTrike is also suitable for less experienced drivers.

  • - We recommend checking your country laws regarding electric scooters and 50cc scooters.

  • - iTrike is safer than ordinary two wheeled scooters, because of its two front wheels. It has less breaking distance and more stability.
  • - Compared to gasoline scooters iTrike has less maintenance costs and needs less spare parts during its product lifetime.
  • - Driving iTrike is cheaper than using a gasoline scooter as you do not have to pay for gas: iTrike is 100% electric.

  • - iTrike is electric, that is why the engine is not measured in cc.
  • - Our power is measured in watts (W). It is comparable to a 50cc scooter.

  • - About 50km with one battery.
  • - Optional a second battery can be used to double the range.

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